5 Easy Ways to Save You Petrol (and Money)
17 MAY, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Save You Petrol (and Money)

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Owning a car in Singapore is already shockingly expensive, yet drivers often make common mistakes and find themselves spending more than they should on petrol when they really shouldn’t.

Whether you have been driving for years or working hard towards owning your first car, be sure to read and follow these top tips to improve the mileage you get per tank while keeping your journey on the road a safe and enjoyable one.

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Inflate your tyres properly.

The importance of keeping your tyres in good running condition cannot be stressed enough from a safety perspective alone, but yet it is something too often ignored. Check the air pressure in your tyres at least once a month and keep them inflated at recommended levels by the manufacturer. Doing so prolongs the useful life of your tyres, reduces uneven wear, and gives you better mileage.

Check and inflate your tyres conveniently at petrol stations the next time you need to fill up. While doing so, make sure your tyres have enough tread to go on. Most road tyres these days are manufactured with tread depths of between 7mm to 9mm. The legal mandate by LTA requires tyres to be replaced when they reach 1.6mm.

Cultivate good driving habits.

A smooth drive is a surefire way to ensure you optimize the use of your fuel. Avoid harsh acceleration and braking by moderately applying your throttle to move off and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. On city roads like in Singapore, look farther ahead and ease off the throttle to a coast when you see a red light ahead. This not only makes your journey a safe and enjoyable one, your wallet will thank you too.

Driving at excessive speed increases wind drag or resistance and causes your engine to burn more fuel to push through the air. Apart from the fine you will eventually receive some day and the extra fuel you will burn, you are also endangering your own life and the lives of your passengers and other road users. Stay within the speed limit.

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Plan your journey in advance.

Certainly, one of the best ways to save petrol is to not use them at all in the first place, and there is no better way to do that than to plan your journey ahead. We’ve all been there – jump in our car, drive off happily into the sunset, circle round our destination for five minutes and still have no idea where to park – that is five minutes of petrol burned unnecessarily!

Make use of navigation apps to get to your destination, not only to ensure you get to your destination on point, but they are also clever enough these days to help you avoid congested roads or highways and to suggest alternatives.

Perform regular servicing and maintenance.

From a vehicle’s engine to drivetrain, there are hundreds if not thousands, of mechanical moving parts that create friction as they brush against each other. This leads to a build-up of heat which in turn could lead to a reduction in how efficiently a vehicle operates. When these parts are not well lubricated, your fuel economy and the overall longevity of critical components take a beating.

Change your oils and fluids at the intervals recommended by your car manufacturer, this can easily be found in the owner’s manual. Replace your air filter, oil filter and fuel filter at recommended intervals as well to keep your engine running and burning fuel efficiently.

Remove unnecessary load.

Unnecessarily loading up your vehicle is a sure way to burn more fuel in order to carry that extra weight around. Too many drivers (us too!) are guilty of filling up the boot with everyday items and leaving them there because it is just so convenient, but it all adds up. As little as 40kg of extra load can increase your fuel consumption by 1 to 2 percent.

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Clear the boot of unnecessary items or practice the good habit of taking these items home when they are not needed. Load them again only when you have to.

There are many more ways to burn less fuel and up your fuel-economy game, and these are just some of the easiest methods to get you started. Be sure to take note and practice these simple tips, because if you haven't already noticed, oil prices are going bonkers again. Peace out ya'll.

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