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So, what are Arcade Dollars?

Remember the good old days when you visited the arcade to play your favourite games, and had to change money for tokens at the counter? That's right, Arcade Dollars is just like the tokens you need at the arcade, except now you use it for listings on!

Right, sounds exciting! How does it work?

Couldn't be simpler. Once you have an account with us, simply purchase Arcade Dollars on and use them for the payment of listing fees and the purchase of other features available on

Wait, hang on! Please note that you cannot pay for the purchase of your car using Arcade Dollars!

Why Arcade Dollars though?

To keep your costs down! Because our listings are so affordable, the transactional costs involved on a pay-per-listing model will be too high to make business sense. The purchase of Arcade Dollars in bulk helps us defray high transaction costs, and we then pass that savings to you. That is also why you will always enjoy greater discounts the more you purchase each time.

This also means greater convenience for you, and a less disruptive experience when you are using the services on

Do Arcade Dollars expire?

Great question... And the answer is NO! We do not believe in making you pay for credits that expire.

We do strongly encourage you however to familiarize yourself with clause 8. Arcade Dollars of our Terms of Service. Although Arcade Dollars do not have an expiration date, you should take note of the rare instances where Arcade Dollars may be removed from your account.

Are Arcade Dollars refundable? Can I change them back to money?

With all that awesomeness, why would you want to do that!? You always finish your tokens at the arcade!

That said, Arcade Dollars purchased are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for money.

Can I transfer my Arcade Dollars between accounts or to another user?

Unfortunately no. Arcade Dollars are non-transferable between accounts or users.

Updated on April 11, 2018

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